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The Hazard Developer

Art & Creative with HTML5

Who are you?

  • Name : Ukjin Yang
  • Birth year : 1986
  • Worked in industry : 5 years.

My Skills

  • HTML5/CSS3/ECMAScript 5 or later
  • ASP.NET Open source framework, Nancy Web Framework.
  • Java Open source framwwork, (Spring 4.0 with websocket!)
  • V8 based Javascript developer (like node.js)
  • Browser Native Developer (C/C++ to Javascript like Emscripten. NOT ActiveX!)

What did you contributed projects?

  • e-Learning DRM Website
  • Logistic Service Website
  • e-Commerce Website
  • Policy Administration Website
  • Green Driving Advertise Website
  • Traffic Statistics Website
I was contributed Many kind of projects.
e-Commerce, e-Learning, eovernment, enterprise and much more.

Related Open-Source Projects

Contributing Open-Source Projects

I'm interested for HTML5, CSS3, Javascript Web Delvelop, Consulting, etc.

These are Welcome! feel free and send me to (Korean, English languages are available.)
You can contact me for,

May I contact you on another ways?

Sure! You can contact me via,