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Hazard Developer

Meet the Ukjin Yang

Who are you?

I'm a Creative Freelance Web Developer with 6+ years Experience in Korea.

I just begun Web develop for many clients. include e-Commerce and government organizations.

Korean Frontend developers are not yet effective in korean business. but will can be effective.

I'm never stopping to go ahead. Do you have or want a idea? I'll make reality for you.


  • HTML5/CSS3 Web Standard
  • ECMAScript Harmony Ready
  • Cross browser Ready
  • Oldschool Support (IE<9)
  • Old to Modern Browser migration
  • SASS? node.js? No Problem!


  • Java 1.6 or above Development.
  • Spring 3 MVC with MyBatis 3 Ready
  • Effectively Data access support
  • Oracle 10g / MS SQL Server 2008
  • JSON/XML Ready for REST Service
  • Experience of ASP.NET and node.js

After Creative

  • Wireframes before Action
  • UI/UX Directions
  • Advertise with HTML5 Business
  • WebApp Management Service
  • Build Javascript Frameworks
  • Responsive/Parallax Ready

Prepare Your Idea.

It's time to seeing your eyes.

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Contact Info

Ukjin Yang,

Anyang si, Kyeonggi do, Korea

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